Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well at least I made it 3 times in a month instead of none. They whole full time thing is going alright I have just got to prioritize and organize alot better now so somethings just go by the way side while I try and get the basics done.
The girls are really loving preschool and Colton has become a terror. I was trying to get a little sleep after a long night at work yesterday and was awoken to the girls telling me that Colt had tipped over the garbage can. So I bound out of bed to find him in the middle of a huge mess digging for food. He had stuff scattered everywhere and had a little cut on his finger due to the fact that he was trying to get food out of a pork and bean can. I never had to worry about stuff like that with the girls it was always lotion or something good smelling at least. I seriously don't understand his fascination with the garbage can. I guess there is going to be a lot more adjusting to do to the difference between boys and girls.
Life is still going by at a mile a min. and we are holding on for dear life. We are looking forward to a trip to Vegas this month and we are both trying to get are butts in gear for this marathon hopefully everything will turn out great. Mean while in the back of our minds we are still hoping our house will sale. Maybe this spring will bring new and great things. Onward and up ward.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crazy How Time Flies

Well its been a week and a half since I last wrote, I really wonder why life ends up getting so busy so fast. It seems like yesterday I was wondering when I was ever going to have kids.... now i have three crazy rugrats and life is flying by.

I have been at this full time thing now for almost two weeks and it seems like it is going to be okay, i just have to be alot more organized with my schedule and keep track of what is going on when. Danny has been great to step up and help out with the everyday things around the house.

The girls started preschool this week and they absolutely love it. Kylee goes on Wednesday and Fridays and Alexis goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I could have put them in the same class but I want them to have the experiences on their own. So it makes my mornings a little hectic but it works out okay, because Michael is in Alexis' class so Kaylynn drives one of the days and on all the others I go out to moms and work out until it is time to go pick them up. So hopefully in the long run this will be a good way for me to get into shape so I won't die when we run the marathon this summer.

Colt is crawling everywhere and now he throws a fit when he can't stand up. he is starting to pull himself up to things I am sure it won't be to long before that little stinker is trying to walk. He wants to be running around with his sisters.

Our house has been on the market since August and we still don't have any offers, we haven't even shown it since before Thanksgiving, I am just hoping and praying that we can get it sold this spring. I would love to be in a new home by this time next year.

Well this weekend doesn't seem like it is going to slow down much, I have Heidi's baby shower on Saturday and that night we are going out to dinner with my parents and siblings which should be fun and then it will be Sunday and the crazy week will begin again. At least I don't have to work again until Wednesday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well crap, I really have sucked at this whole blog thing for the last 9 months I guess with the new year I feel like i should start anew. So here we go lets pray I can keep this thing up.

I guess I can start with a recap of some of the more important things, Colt just started crawling this last week, he still hasn 't quite figured out that crawling can get him where he wants to go he will crawl for a few mins and then get mad because I am in the other room and he wants to be with me so he will start screaming. I am sure in the next few days he will become a living terror and getting into everything. A couple of weeks ago we moved him into the pack-n-play in the back room he is now sleeping through the night for some reason he just could sleep in the crib in the girls room. I am glad he decided that he could finally do it though I was going insane having to still get up 2 to 3 times a night. December has been a month of sickies, I guess i should say this fall has been full of sick kids. Colt got pneumonia the first week of October and had to be on oxygen for a week. Then a week later the girls took their turns being sick, one week at a time. November came and it was my turn with sinus infections, and I found out I have really bad tmj, which I haven't been able to get treated, due to insurance not covering it but I finally get to go in this week and get started. December was the month for ear infections colt started the first week the next week lex got bronchitis, the next week colt had another ear infection then kylee got strep after Christmas. All I can say is that I am so tired of the doctors office and sick kids.
Alexis and Kylee had their birthdays they are now 3 and 5. Alex decide this summer that she could finally be potty trained after I had given up trying with her she came to me 2 days after I was done and said she wanted to wear panties, a few days later she was good to go both day and night. That poor kid is as stubborn as both her parents put together.
The summer was full of camping trips due to the fact that we purchased a camp trailer thanks to the fact that Danny decided to sale his motorcycle. Yes he misses it sometimes but he said the trailer was so much more worth it especially since he had only rode his bike once this year before June.
The first few months of Coltons life were a little hectic, he definitely made himself known as our last child. He was super colicky, and had acid reflux, nothing we tried worked, me stopping dairy products helped minimally, but once he stopped breastfeeding and started formula he became a completely different kid. He smiles and laughs all the time instead of screaming and crying. I am so greatful for formula, it has been a lifesaver.
We put our house up on the market in August, and we are still waiting for it to sale so we can build. We hope that this new year will bring us new opportunities and it will sale.
Danny got more responsibilities at work and he is loving it, he has such a great employer!!
I have just started back to full time status this week so we can afford to pay for my tmj treatments, so we will see how well I can cope.
The girls get to start preschool next week and they are so excited, I am excited for them to get the opportunity, and I hope it will give me the motivation to exercise after I drop them off.
There are so many goals and aspirations that have come with this new year I just hope that we won't disappoint. Well enough of my rambling I hope this finds whoever reads it well.