Friday, August 8, 2008

I Made It!!!!

Well, I made it through girls camp alive and made it home with everyone I took and I think we actually had a great time. It was a big learning and growing experience for me and the girls. I pushed them all to new limits we all tried something new or conquered a fear. I was very worried in the begin b/c the majority of the girls I took are not physically active. But we made it through, Monday we did a swim check, Tuesday they were required to go on a 5 mile hike they all made it!! Wednesday morning I had to give them a little bit of a buck up talk due to a rampid wave of home sickness, then we did the cope courses, they were awesome! The week was filled with a lot of group building and self esteem building experiences. I was really scared going into this week, I was scared to leave my family, I was scared to be in charge of 10 girls and I was scared of a new, unknown experience. All in all I think it was a success, the testimony meeting was amazing the spirit was so strong and each of the girls took the opportunity to share their feelings even the little nonmember we took with us. It was a little scary after the testimony meeting, I had to opportunity to lead 10 girls 2 leaders and part of the bishopric back to camp, which was 1/2 mile in the dark with nothing but my cellphone for a light, it was a little stress full but we made it in about 30 min. It was kind of a culminating event for the week, it gave them the opportunity to trust each other and me and work together to get us all back to our camp safely. The week brought me a lot of new experiences, I tried kayaking, snorkeling, and the cope course which was both physically and mentally challenging. I will have to post some pictures when I get copies, I was the smart one who forgot her camera of course.
The family all survived well while I was gone, Aunt Shylo spoiled them on Monday she took them to Cindy's to see a new colt then she took them to Albertsons and bought them candy and dolls and balls, then took then to Rupes for lunch. Then Tuesday Grandma Jensen and Aunt Heidi took them to the Zoo, they had a blast. Wednesday Grandpa George took them to the park at Jensen's grove and then shopping in Idaho Falls. Thursday Aunt Kaylynn kept them and they got to play and also go to summer lunches, (which they love.) I showed up to get them around 2 and Alexis was happy to see me but Kylee wasn't so much, she didn't want to go home yet she was having to much fun. Danny seemed to fair pretty well while I was gone, he got lots of things around the house done, he put a new fan in our bedroom, he finished the trim for the kitchen/floor boards. He also did dishes and was laundry plus kept the girls and the majority of the house in good order. I am proud of him for being able to take such good care of things while I was away, plus work a full time job, He is one amazing guy and I love him very much.Well I guess I better get back to work, I will try and stay updated on things Kylee gets her surgery on Wednesday so we will see how things go.