Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick update.

Well it has been two weeks and nothing to crazy has happened, Ky got bronchitis and is on the mend. The girls are still loving preschool which is over in two weeks for a month, Colts new favorite thing to do is to crawl into the bathroom and stand up to the tub and holler at it and pull the shower curtain back and forth. Oh the joys of moving babies. Danny has been busy at work and and playing basket ball with the ward, their record isn't the greatest but he is having fun. I am still plugging away with the full time hours and trying to get into a semi normal routine. I have convinced Danny to get serious with his running and we are doing good so far. I am looking forward to this next weekend and our trip to las vegas, I will miss my babies but it will be a long need break for the two of us. We actually showed our house this week which is a first since November, I hope this means that maybe we will get a little more interest as the spring comes around. I better not get my hopes up to high, I have come to the realization that it will sale when it is ment to be. I already came to the rude awakening that things happen on their on schedule and not when I plan they should. Oh well tests and trials make us stronger and help us grow right.