Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing catch up again

Well, it has been a little while since we posted to the blog, (sorry.) Anyways we have had some exciting news we had an ultrasound on Monday and we found out that we are going to finally be blessed with a beautiful baby BOY!!!!! Yeah!! We are excited, when we first found out Kylee was pretty mad, she told the doctor before he did the ultra sound that she wanted a Dora the explorer baby and when he saw it was a boy he told her we were going to have a Bob the builder baby, she just sat in the chair and glared at him. It was so funny. Danny didn't really say much but you could tell he was playing the very proud papa part. She is starting to come around, she is just excited that we are growing a baby. She can't wait to have someone to help take care of.

As for the rest of the month we have been staying busy with work and church and Danny has also started an indoor soccer league, so hopefully soon I will get some fun pic posted. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this next week this year has gone by way to fast for me!!

Kay I also have a request I need tips on how to use your food storage for meals at home and also quick easy and meals. I have this great food storage but we struggle with ways and meals to cook at home. More often that not we end up eating out when we really don't need to because we can't come up with stuff to make that is fast and easy and edible. Please help us out any ideas are welcome!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So I guess it is finally time to get things up dated again we carved pumpkins a few days before Halloween, and here are there costumes that I kind of made.(I made he skirts.) The girls were so excited to help clean out there pumpkins.

The girls both had to be the same thing for the costumes, fairy princesses.

These pictures are from election day, after we got home from voting kylee decided we needed to come pare baby bellies. My poor little girl looks like a little Ethiopian child that is starved she has me by a little bit but I am sure not for long. My belly is growing so fast already it is crazy.