Friday, May 30, 2008

Its the weekend again!

These are daddy's super cute girls and mom, at the dam.

Well it is the weekend again, and I am no so sure how it got here so fast. I spent Thursday having a bad day and feeling sorry for myself, then I saw an email from my sister in law and realized I wasn't the only one having a bad day and it could be worse. Her five year old boy decided to give her three year old daughter a hair cut because,quote "Brittney said she wanted to be a boy." Yikes is all I could say and my heart goes out to her. I am just glad our scissor escapade wasn't any where near that bad.
Today has been good I had the opportunity to walk the green belt with my sisters and then we scrap booked for a while. I was also able to get my flower beds and garden weeded. Go me!! Well here are a few pic from our trip to palisades dam, and as soon as I get the pic from the four wheeler ride I will post them also. Explanations as follows, lex and her prize rock, teaching her how to throw rocks (still not sure if that was a bad choice or not), lex in the trunk befor the bum change , next was the bum change she wasn't to sure of it, the last two were us walking back to the car as it started to rain.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Crap!!

Holy Crap!! I can't believe it has been over a month since I have looked at this thing. I guess I am good at letting time fly by and not realize it!! Well it is the end of May and life has been treating us pretty good.
We got the garden in the first part of the month and we already have lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and squash out of the ground. I am just hoping that we didn't kill our tomato and pepper plants, we had wall-o-water around them and they got roast on the two days that we had that were actually around 80. I think the cooler weather helped but we will see.
Danny and I were able to get away for a night with the Balls. We had a fun trip to Salt Lake, we did some shopping and lounging with out the girls. It was fun but boy did we miss them.
Mothers day was good Danny and the girls got me a new fan for the living room and a beautiful card. Dustin and Leslie blessed Ryker, so we spent the afternoon with the George Family and we had a BBQ with the Jensens that night, it was a good day.
We had FHE around the middle of the month at the Clapp's home. It is so much fun to get together with our friends. Next month is at our house,hopefully we will have the yard ready by then and the weather will cooperate.
This last weekend was Memorial weekend, it was good yet kind of sad. It is the first time I can remember not being at the cabin, or camping with my family. It has just been so wet this year that Grandma and Grandpa Sandau didn't have the cabin open yet, and with gas priced so high we opted to stay home. So the weekend plans consisted of painting, painting, and more painting. We did get a few surprise though, Saturday we ended up going on a 4- wheeler ride with my parents then went to Mr. Pizza to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Sunday we played hookie and spent the day as a family and went for a drive. The road ended up taking us up to Palisades Dam, were the girls loved to throw rocks in the water to see who could make the biggest splash. Then we finished the loop up through Jackson and had lunch then made it back to Blackfoot just in time to have a BBQ and games with the Jensen Clan. We also had the opportunity during all these activities to take time out and honor our heritage, Danny's parents invited us to go and decorate Grandma and Grandpa Georges graves. It was the first time we were here to be able to do this and it was a good experience, hard but good. It was the first Memorial day since Grandpa had past.
Monday we did some more painting and then had a BBQ with the George family. Yesterday I finished up the painting except for a little bit of the trim but I was actually able to get the majority of my house put back together Yay!!!
And today I refused to touch a paint brush, I did laundry and dishes and took a nap before I had to come to work, and so here I sit typing away wishing I were sleeping. Stay tuned and see how long it takes me to catch back up and post pics from our adventures.