Thursday, February 5, 2009

How time flys.

It is amazing to me how fast time is going by, work has been really busy so I haven't had the opportunity to update our blog much. If you couldn't tell, Danny was the last one to write on our blog he had to show off his new baby. He is pretty excited about having the Yukon. It has been nice so far. This last weekend we took a road trip to Caldwell to visit Steph, Nate and the kids and also to pick up some baby boy clothes that they are so graciously letting us borrow. While we were there we all took a mini trip up to McCall to see some awesome ice sculptures, I will post the pictures when we get the computer situation at home fixed. (Our desk top died in the middle of Jan. and Danny tried to piece one together but that didn't work so he ordered the parts and is building a new one. He is almost done but in the mean time my back room looks like a computer grave yard. I am just glad he has the knowledge a resources to do things like that to help save us money.) Anyways we had a fun weekend, lots of driving, but fun. Thanks to Steph and Nate for letting us crash at their house, the girls loved being able to spend the night with there cousins.

As for an update on the rest of our happenings, Kylee is loving preschool, she goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is becoming quite the speed demond on her bike, I am a little nervous to see how she does when she actually rides it outside. Alex hates the days that Kylee has preschool she cries most days and wants to go to school with the big kids, she is slowly getting better but misses her big sis. She love to take care of her babies, I think she will be lots of help when our new one arrives. Danny is staying busy with work, he is taking on more responsibilities with the IT aspect of their company. In his spare time he is enjoying church Basketball, they have practice on Tuesdays and games on Thursday, there record isn't that great but they are having a fun time playing anyways. As for me I am continuing to adjust to my monstrous belly,( I am carrying this kid straight out front, completely different from the girls.) I struggle on a daily basis to tie my shoes let alone get socks on my swollen feet, so much for keeping my toe nails painted. Other than not being able to bend over the pregnancy is going extremely well, everything with the baby is looking good and my health has been good except for my horrible habit of wanting to sleep all the time. I am still working part time and I am so excited they finally released me from being ward chorister I guess four months late is better than never right!! I am also staying busy with Young Women's and I enjoy my girls they are so much fun. Well I guess I have rambled enough for one day. Thanks for reading.