Monday, September 22, 2008

Meadow Lake 2008

Well, we have been home for a full week now and I am still not sure we are all fully recovered yet. Camping was great but boy does it produce a horrible aftermath of laundry and trying to find where I had everything hidden before we packed. The trip was well worth the trouble though. It was just a shame it went by way to fast. The weather was good, I was a little worried when we woke up the first morning and it was a whole whopping 28 degrees just a little chilly for tent camping. Luckily as the days went on the warmer it got, but we got a free ticket anyways, with as cold as it was the first night the girls got to sleep in the trailer with Grandma and Grandpa. Which in turn ment that we got a little better sleep not triyng to fight with them. We fished a lot, played in the boat and just relaxed. Well anyways the trip produced a bunch of great pictures so I decided to do a slide show instead of making my blog 2 miles long, so bear with me this is the first time.

This week kept us pretty busy Monday and Tuesday I did our mounds of laundry and then went visiting teaching, which turned out to be very fruit full, I ended up falling into an almost brand new couch and love seat and a twin bed. It matches my house perfectly!! I am here to testify that great blessings come from doing your church callings. Wednesday I got ready to come to work and ended up being put on call which is fine with me. Thursday I worked and was so busy I didn't even pull out my computer. Friday I went to a game party at my sisters, she is becoming a consultant for these family games, they are way fun, so look for me to book a party and invite you all in the coming months. Saturday Danny and I went Birthday shopping for the girls, while his parents kept an eye on them for us. Then we came home and bought the girls their new bunkbeds, and put them together, they were so excited. Today Danny and I had the opportunity to sing in Sacrament meeting together, it turned out pretty well, it has been a while since we have done that, I miss it. Well that was my week in a nut shell, life continues to move at lightning speed and all we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride and share it with others along the way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

No, we have not dropped off the face of the earth, it may have seemed like it but we have successfully resurfaced, I think. For starters here are a few pictures from girls camp finally. The top to the bottom are as follows, the whole group waiting for the opening fireside down at the lake, me actually trying to kayak, next is me starting out on the C.O.P.E. course and the final pic is me hanging like a sloth as the girls put it. I ended up having to switch ladders 2 rungs from the top b/c I couldn't get my out of shape body any higher I just couldn't get my leg in those jeans above my head to make it to the next level. Any way it was a fun experience that proved to earn me a few great big bruises and bragging rights j/k.

Okay so now on to the happenings for the crazy month of August. After I got home from girls camp I barely had enough time to get everything put away and we were getting ready for Kylee's surgery. Everything went well with the surgery itself but I swear the next 10 days drug on forever. Needless to say her recovery was not what I would call fun. She ran a low grade fever the entire time, she really struggled to eat or drink anything I kept having to threaten the kid with coming back to the hospital and getting needles in her arms if she didn't eat. It eventually worked, we say the doctor for a check up one week later and he said she looked great that her scabs were almost all gone, it still took 2 more days for her to actually be normal though. It wasn't until the day I came back to work that everything was normal with her again. I love my daughter to death but I seriously questioned if I had done the right thing or not multiple times. In the end we all survived and now the kid has an appetite of a gorilla, which is great for her. The next few weeks went by with out much consequence, we just stayed busy with work and the girls. This last week was the fair and we spent a little time there. Saturday Danny and I actually started our caning for the fall we did a batch of salsa the only thing we had to buy was a few onions and a few jalpenos but we ended up with 24 pints of salsa. Even after doing that we are going to have a ton of tomatoes in the next couple of weeks. I just hope we can keep up with them, my carrots need to be done soon also so I guess I know what are next couple of weekends are going to consist of.
We are however finally going to go camping this weekend, it is time for our annual trip up to meadow lake with our families so check back with us in the next little while and hopefully we will have some great camping pictures. Until then keep smiling and never give up.