Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

Well fathers day weekend was a good break but it went by fast. The reunion was a little windy on Friday night so we didn't get to do any boating but it was fun to visit with everyone. Saturday the weather was perfect for the races, our friends Bren and Lisa Ball came down with their kids. Josh and Collete Brown came and brought their baby. We had a good time the kids loved the water and we all got plenty of sunshine. Mitch did great he got first place. Shylo and her friend Amy Lilya sat by us to.

Sunday was fathers day we went to church and had lunch with the Georges. When we got home from church Kylee wanted to hold Alexis so this was the result. They are about the same size so it was a little difficult for her. Fathers was good, Danny got 2 new pairs of pants and a new shirt. That evening we decided to surprise my dad, b/c we hadn't been able to see him b/c he was already up at the cabin so we went to Island Park.
Monday we got the opportunity to go fishing with my parents. The girls had fun on the boat, and they did really good but the only thing we caught was a lot of bugs. We didn't even have a single bite. Oh well, a bad day of fishing is better than a bad day at work. That night we made dinner for them and had a good time. Kylee even had the opportunity to feed the foxes that come around the cabin.

Tuesday we went on a four wheeler ride to a place called Hidden lake, it was beautiful. We also ended up have a snowball fight at one point. After we got back we packed up and headed for home, yuck!

Wednesday Danny went back to work and I did laundry and we had a bbq with Danny's family at our house for dinner. Thursday we visited Great Grandma and then wen to the park for lunch with Kaylynn and her kids. Friday night I worked the ER. Saturday Danny mowed my parents lawn while the girls played with cousins. That evening we took them down to Jensen's grove to play in the water for awhile.I went to work at midnight and worked Med/Surg. Sunday we went to church and had lunch with the Georges and then went to the Jensen's for the evening. Monday the Missionaries came over and did FHE. Tuesday my sisters came over and we scrap booked for awhile. In the afternoon Kylee had her first dentist appointment, she did awesome. Then I had mutual stuff, we certified the girls on camp fires and cooking. Today I have just been trying to re-coop and get the house in some fashion of order.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am so tired. I am sitting here at work trying to keep myself awake I have 1 hr and 15 min to go. I know I can do it. There is one hour away from a ten day stretch off of work. YEAH!!!! We have lots of fun things planned. There is a Rowbury reunion Friday, snow mobile races on Saturday, Sunday is fathers day and we are going to go to the cabin for a few days to fish and ride four wheelers, I can't wait.
Well in looking back over the last week, there are a few things that stand out, I finally got my painting done!! What a weight lifted off my back. Now I am just waiting on Danny so I can paint the trim he needs to cut and replace. I also spoiled my babies and bought them a little set of table and chairs so they could do some crafts they were so excited to be able to finger paint on their new princess table.

Wednesday night we had the annual relief society mother daughter party, I took my mom and my girls, it was fun, Kylee even won a flower. Thursday Alex started to run a fever, Friday morning we ended up at the doctors with strep. Friday afternoon we had lunch with dad in IF and did a little shopping. We played on the swing set when it wasn't raining or getting blown

Saturday we took care of odds and ends and Kylee got to go to Katie's dance program with Grandma and Grandpa Jensen. She absolutely loved it and loves spending time with them. Alex stayed with us b/c she still wasn't doing to hot and we took her to Wal-mart to pick out a fishing poll for this next weekend, she picked princesses, it was so cute. Sunday me and the girls stayed home from church do to Alex's illness, Dad was an awesome husband and went and led the music for me and also took care of some camp stuff. He is so wonderful!!

Go Daddy, you are amazing and want you to know how much we love you and hope you have a great Fathers day!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Round and round we go.

Wow, the weekend flew by as always. We spent Saturday morning doing a little yard work and then spent the afternoon with some friends in Idaho Falls. We also had ulterior motives in going to IF, we purchased the girls a swing set that has been long over due. Danny and his dad started working on putting it together at about 8:30 pm and we finally stopped at about 11:30 pm. It is still not quite finished but I am sure by Monday night all the swings will be in tacked. It probably didn't help that I tried to help and ended up putting the swings together wrong so I spent 30 min putting them together the wrong way 30 min taking them back apart and another 20 putting them together the right way.No wonder Danny says I scare him when I use power tools. Sunday was the normal stuff Danny started at 6:30 with meetings and I spent most of church trying to iron out and line up girls camp stuff. I didn't realize how big of a job this was going to turn in to. I just hope I can provide a good experience for the girls. Our short afternoon went by fast I got ready to come to work and then took the girls out side to play on there new swing set minus the swings, thanks to me. They still loved it and I think it was a good purchase. Well back to work I shall go