Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few random pics from Feb.

This past month has been going by pretty fast. The house has been showing about once a week, I hope something comes from it soon. Colton's first birthday is tomorrow I will try and post some pics after his party Sunday. I had my 27th birthday yesterday, and it doesn't seem like I am getting that old but I am way closer to 30 now than 20 which is kind of scary. We went and registered Kylee for kindergarten today which was an emotional roller coaster in its self. She is so excited she doesn't want to have to wait all summer long. It is amazing to me how fast time flies the older you get the faster it goes. All the kids are doing good Colt is on the verge of walking but hasn't quite gotten there.

Most of these pictures are from when Keira was born... (Heidi and Sams baby)
The one of Danny is from when we went to Las Vegas.