Monday, March 21, 2011

On the brighter side.

We had the kid's pictures taken this last week by an amazing lady by the name of Jennie Cannon, she did a great job I have had a hard time picking out a few to put on here. Here is a link to here page to see some of the other pictures:

Life is full of trials.

Well it has been a little over a month since I have updated this thing. I guess it is partially because I wasn't sure what to say and partially because we have been busy.
Kylee did great after her surgery she recovered very well and has had no complications. The day after we got home I got a call from the doctor that had done Colton's echo earlier in the month. He had had the primary's cardiologist review his echo and the primary's doctor said that Colton has what they call a co-arctation of his aorta and that they primary's doctor wanted to meet with us when he came back up in march.

That appointment was last Monday. When we initially got the news we were told to research it and be at the appointment. Well upon researching the congenital heart defect we found out that Colton has to have heart surgery. We met with the doctor on Monday and he checked Colt out and there is a 30 point difference in the blood pressures in his arm and his leg and his leg pulse's are diminished. He said that we will need to do surgery to repair the area in his aorta. We asked him if there was a possibility of doing surgery this next week and he said he would try to get things lined up. We still don't have a for sure answer and may need to be at primary's as early as Tuesday to get things done.
Needless to say I have been in a whirlwind of emotions and frustration mainly due to my need to always have everything planned out and prepaired. So Danny came to the rescue and helped me to realize that we just needed to plan as if it is happening this week and get things lined up for the girls and if we need to cancel then we can cancel. It has been a completely crazy experience. I keep going back and forth from being so very grateful that they were able to find this abnormality now instead of ten years down the road when he had fatal problems while playing sports. To being frustrated and wondering why they haven't found it before now. I was told and am hoping that we will know for sure first thing Monday morning.
I am just grateful for the technology that we have now and that after we get his heart fixed there should be no long term problems.
We also through out this time have shown our house a couple of times and gotten one low ball offer that didn't pan out so that extra stress of always trying to have the house ready and the possibility of maybe selling has driven me crazy.
I know it seems as though I am complaining a lot and I am sorry. I know the lord puts trials in our path for a reason and I know I will grow and learn from these trying times. I just wish my poor babies didn't have to go through all the pain.

I hope with all my heart that this next month will bring the sunshine after we tread through this storm.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When it rains it pours!!!!!

Well Our wonderful luck continues, Ky woke us up at 1:30 this morning complaining of right lower tummy pain. Well one thing lead to the next and we came to the ER and she was eventually diagnosed with appendicitis. So she was admitted to the hospital and ended up in surgery at 9:30 this morning. Everything went well and she came through surgery with flying colors. We are spending the night here at the hospital and will hopefully be able to go home in the morning. Our medical saga continues hopefully our luck will change soon, either that our I will hurry up and learn the lesson that I am supposed to before anything else goes wrong.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We had a scare.

Well, two days after I posted last I took Colt in for his last set of shots until he is five. During his appointment and well child check our doctor noticed a heart murmur that has not been heard before. He seemed to be a little concerned because it is fairly loud, loud enough that he could hear it through his back. Of course I completely panicked on the inside. The doctor told me that we wear going to need to get an echo to find out what the cause of the murmur is. The hospital here is not able to do pediatric ones so we were referred to Pocatello. All of this came about on a Friday and we were lucky enough to be able to get him in for the echo on Thursday. Thankfully the echo went very well and we were able to sit through the whole thing and the doctor walked us through it as he went. Colton's heart is normal there are no holes or big leaks. which is fantastic, the doctor believes that the sound is coming from one of his left aortic arteries, it is smaller than it should be so the blood goes through with a little bit of force which creates the sound. He feels that it will grow with him and shouldn't cause any problems. He is going to review the echo with the primary children's cardiologist when he visits this next week and if they think we need to do anything different they will let us know.
It is amazing how much the mind can race and think of the worst case scenario, I am just so grateful that everything is alright. The day of the test colton was so mad because they had to sedate him for the test and the medication took most of the day to wear off so he couldn't walk or even stand on his own because he couldn't keep his balance. It was crazy to see how upset he got because he didn't have that little bit of independence. I love my little family and hope and pray that they continue to grow up healthy and strong.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Its about time.

So its about time.....time to do things I want to do times to do things I don't want to do, time to put on the big girl pants and take charge of what is happening around me. So here we go its about dang time to update the blog I have had time to do it but I just didn't want to I know that sounds stupid but I just got over whelmed with how much I needed to catch up so I just kept procrastinating. Yes I admit I like to over whelm myself with the small things. So as a forewarning this is going to be long. maybe painful for somebody to read but heck its the best I can to do to keep a running journal on our life since I am bad at actually writing in a journal.

So here we go trying to remember the best I can. November...My surgery went great, I only stayed over night then went home the next day, things were going well then on day 3 post op I woke up in the middle of the night with an awful fever so I made a trip to the ER and found out I had gotten strep so a shot of antibiotics and I was home in bed again. Three days after that things still just weren't normal so I made a trip to the doctors office and they thought I had mono but the test was negative so I got another shot and 10 days worth of antibiotics. The next day was Thanksgiving so we spent the day with family and ate way to much food. The next day we did our annual Black Friday shopping (a little modified due to my lack of energy still) and got way to much stuff but totally worth it. I started back to work the next week as part time yay!!
December' the next few weeks were busy with Christmas parties for work and school programs. We did take the time to make a Saturday trip with the kids to temple square to see the lights. As Christmas got closer I started dreading it a little bit more each day, not looking forward to the fact that I was going to be working for the majority of the holiday. We spent the first half of Christmas eve with my family then we went home and Danny and the kids went to bed and I went to work. The next morning I got home and we had our little family Christmas together which was so wonderful, I love to see the joy on the faces of my babies. Then I slept for a little while and we went to the George family Christmas dinner and spent some time with them. Then another little nap and back to work I went. The holidays just aren't as joyous when you have to work...baa hum bug!! The next week went by pretty fast and New years came and went with me at work.
So on to January I had high hopes for this year I was thinking it would be a fresh start and hopefully not so many medical bills and problems I had figured we met at least a two year quota with how much we spent between Ct's, broken collar bones, tmj problems, braces, surgery and doctors visits in 2010 well we made it to the 4th. Danny was playing basket ball and ended up tearing his acl in his left knee so we are starting the year out right with getting our deductible almost met in the first week due to the MRI and doctors visits and the knee brace that has to be ordered. we did luck out some what I guess, he doesn't need surgery yet, they tear is only partial and they don't know the percentage. The rest of the knee looks healthy so we are doing a wait and see plan, if it gets worse then we will do the surgery if not we will wait until we run our relay in June then reevaluate. So for now its rehab the heck out of it and wear a brace to help prevent any further damage. We celebrated our ninth anniversary on the 5th its crazy how fast time flies. I am looking forward to next year, because I told Danny that we were going to go on a cruise for our tenth.
Now for my kids...Kylee is absolutely loving kindergarten and getting stronger with her reading skills by the day. She also started taking piano lessons from Kaylynn this month and she loves it. She is always tinkering around playing melodies of songs she hears by ear she has some amazing talent now if we can keep her focused it will be great.
Alex has started preschool again and she wants to go every day, it is amazing how much she wants to be just as big as her sister and be able to do everything she does. Lex is my big helper, she loves to learn how to fold laundry with me and help do the dusting and empty out the dish washer. She is my tender heart and I hope and pray I can help her hone this into something great and not get damaged on the way by the little things.
Colt is my little tank (as grandma calls him) he is turning into quite the comedian. He tries to make us laugh all the time and he loves to laugh him self. He is definitely a mommas boy but i don't mind I love to snuggle with him.
Danny is an wonderful husband he is still helping me out immensely while I am at work by doing the laundry and keeping up on the dishes. He is staying busy at work and getting more so each day, but it is a good thing.
As for me I am still trying to adjust to having more time. I am so happy to be back to part time and being able to be home with my family more. I just need to get a routine down again, I am trying to get into exercising more and am slowly getting back into shape. I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer so I can get outside to run I definitely have a love hate relationship with the treadmill.
We are still waiting to sale our house and are hoping it will happen for us this year. But in the mean time we will do what the lord has planned for us willingly even if it means we keep waiting, because all we have is time. (I will try and post pictures soon.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life is busy!

I have had issues.... I had really great intentions of keeping up on the blog but it seems like my life has gotten in the way. School started work is always there house duties and three kids don't leave me with much energy. I know excuses excuses. We did finally get our family pictures done yesterday so I figured I would at least get on and post the new family picture. I am hoping in the next few weeks I will have a little more time to do things. I go in for surgery on Wednesday and I will have 2 and a half weeks off of work and when I go back I will be part time again, WHOO HOO! I am expecting that I will have a little more time to do things out of want instead of necessity. So until then I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a great holiday season.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The summer has flown by.

I am amazed at how fast time leaves you in the dust. I had full intentions of being better at this blog thing and keeping up on all the fun things we did this summer but time has just past me by. In the end of July we had the BI-annual George Reunion and had lots of fun swimming and hanging out near Preston, Id. Danny did an amazing tribute to Jeremy Knuz and highlighting our Wasatch Back Journey. I am going to post the video if I can if you have a few min it is totally worth the watch.(It is not letting me upload the video right now I will have to try again soon.)

Here are a few pictures from the reunion. Danny and a few of the guys had a belly flop contest.

Danny his parents and I went to the Island Park Rodeo in the first part of August and Danny had a great time taking hundreds of pictures of the action and just practicing his photography skills. I just couldn't pick a few so I opted out of posting any.
Kylee had her first day of Kindergarten on the 24th of August.

Idaho Steel had their summer picnic on the 27th of August and the kids had a blast riding the toys at the park.

That night after the picnic we drove up to meadow lake and spent the weekend with the George family. The weather was pretty cold and windy and it rained off and on. We even woke up to snow on Sunday morning. We evidently had lots of fun because we were to busy to take very many pictures.

This last weekend was the kick off to the EISF and all the George Cousins were here for that. As for the rest of Labor Day weekend I spent it working and Danny and the kids spent time with his family. We are going to take the kids to the fair tomorrow night and we are looking forward to our last camping trip of the season next weekend we are going to try our luck at meadow lake again hopefully the snow will hold off.