Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The summer has flown by.

I am amazed at how fast time leaves you in the dust. I had full intentions of being better at this blog thing and keeping up on all the fun things we did this summer but time has just past me by. In the end of July we had the BI-annual George Reunion and had lots of fun swimming and hanging out near Preston, Id. Danny did an amazing tribute to Jeremy Knuz and highlighting our Wasatch Back Journey. I am going to post the video if I can if you have a few min it is totally worth the watch.(It is not letting me upload the video right now I will have to try again soon.)

Here are a few pictures from the reunion. Danny and a few of the guys had a belly flop contest.

Danny his parents and I went to the Island Park Rodeo in the first part of August and Danny had a great time taking hundreds of pictures of the action and just practicing his photography skills. I just couldn't pick a few so I opted out of posting any.
Kylee had her first day of Kindergarten on the 24th of August.

Idaho Steel had their summer picnic on the 27th of August and the kids had a blast riding the toys at the park.

That night after the picnic we drove up to meadow lake and spent the weekend with the George family. The weather was pretty cold and windy and it rained off and on. We even woke up to snow on Sunday morning. We evidently had lots of fun because we were to busy to take very many pictures.

This last weekend was the kick off to the EISF and all the George Cousins were here for that. As for the rest of Labor Day weekend I spent it working and Danny and the kids spent time with his family. We are going to take the kids to the fair tomorrow night and we are looking forward to our last camping trip of the season next weekend we are going to try our luck at meadow lake again hopefully the snow will hold off.

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